Professional services


Sale of industrial machinery: You know you have to clean but not how? At Hidrotech Bordallo we have all kinds of machinery to be able to perform the cleaning easier and without so much effort a small way out of them would be: high pressure machines, scrubbers, sweepers, vacuum cleaners, steam engines, water heater machines, nebulizers and, many more months, thus adapting each of them to a style of cleaning that you need.

Apart if you want we can make the machine to measure both mobile and fixed equipped with cart or stainless steel bench where you can also choose everything from accessories and security systems you want to model the perfect machine for your facilities.







Sale of spare parts and accessories: Every machine is on time just like us, we offer you the opportunity to be able to do maintenance whenever you want and to equip it with a large repertoire of accessories where we can help you choose the best.


We will inform you and teach you how to use each of the accessories you need and advise you according to your needs. Many machines applying depending on what changes can completely change the cleaning system or even applying some accessory make a very forced cleaning can be done in a few minutes.










Sale of cleaning chemicals: Much of the cleaning falls on the machine but the chemicals are the perfect ally to make cleaning easier, making the detergent act in a single pass or waiting a few minutes. Completely removing dirt leaving the cleaning area perfectly clean.

Just as there are many different types of dirt, there are also many detergents to remove them, we will teach you how to use them with your machine or it depends on how manually depending on the detergent you need to use.









Sale of accessories for livestock: We know the effort that is the work done by our customers, so we try to find the best accessories to make life more practical, so many of our accessories allow you to daily use becomes much more ame without doing as much work as you should normally do.

Others make you not get wet like work overalls or boots and if you prefer instead of overalls you can grab your pants or waterproof jacket separately, it also has goggles and gloves and many more. We have automatic and semi-automatic systems for dosing and mixing of medicine for animals, leaving the mixture homogeneous so that it can be used.










Domestic Services


Sale of cleaning machinery and gardening equipment: We can offer you a wide variety of front-end brands to ensure the best care and cleaning of your home and garden. We can advise you according to your needs in various areas: house, garage, garden, facade or even gutter.

Apart from the home we have all kinds of machinery for both exterior and interior cleaning, from cleaning robots to steam engines, vacuum cleaners of all kinds, scrubbers, window cleaners, polishers and many more, thus adapting each of them to different cleaning systems to leave your home spotless.

As for gardening, we can offer products from highly flexible hoses to drip fittings, multifunction guns, kits for automated irrigation, and all kinds of pumps to suck water from a well, river or even watertight. , in terms of garden maintenance we have from mowers, chainsaws among many others to perform the care and maintenance that every garden deserves.









Sale of accessories for cleaning: He has a machine and has always used it for the same knew that applying other accessories and accessories could perform other types of cleaning.

We have all kinds of accessories both inside and outside so that it is much faster as for example you know that if you use a brush or a foam spear you could go faster in cleaning your vehicle. Many areas of the car need an accessory from which a mechanical action is needed to remove dirt quite embedded, and with the foam we will help the detergent to thoroughly impregnate the cleaning area so that you act well and be cleaned of a single pass.











Sale of chemical products: The chemical is one of the best allies against cleaning, allows cleaning in half the time and without much effort, apart in many cases guarantees a saving of water, time and energy ensuring a complete elimination of the dirt and even a disinfection depending on the detergent used.

We will advise you the best according to the dirt, cleaning area and machine you have to be able to clean, teaching you how to apply it at all times and what appropriate measures for your safety require if necessary.










Personalized attention and advice: Any questions or queries you have about our sector can help you without any hassle.

Tell us in detail everything you need and one of our agents will contact you so that we can guarantee you the best possible option. You can contact us electronically or if you prefer in person.

Opening hours: Monday to Friday from 9am to 1.30pm and from 3.30pm to 7pm

If you are unable to attend in person, leave an email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. where we will respond as soon as possible.










Workshop and home repair: Do you have your machine broken and don't know where to take it? We repair it or if you want we can come and repair it at home, if it would be convenient we always know the model, the brand and what happens to the machine so we can make a quick diagnosis before we can come.

Also if you want we can provide services in the settings, tests and a budget to know approximately what it could cost you tailored to your needs.

We can adapt, change or replace other parts of your machine according to topology and facilities leaving your machine fully up to date and up to date, it even depends on how you apply additional safety accessories such as thermal valves, automatic shutdown or many others.







Cheap rentals of high pressure cleaners, water heaters and cold water:

Need to clean up sporadically? We have a variety of rental machines and medium-wide accessories where you can perform all kinds of cleaning, from cleaning your car garage or house as even pictures of animals descaling dirt easily with our rotating nozzles , or also degrease and clean where it requires a cleaning with temperature, our machines of hot water will be the perfect ally for these situations, consult us and inform you.